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Amara and Shakir-0176Amara and Shakir-0156Amara and Shakir-0167Amara and Shakir-0181Amara and Shakir-0144Amara and Shakir-0180Amara and Shakir-0157Amara and Shakir-0182Amara and Shakir-0219Amara and Shakir-0241Amara and Shakir-0257Amara and Shakir-0258Amara and Shakir-0269Amara and Shakir-0284Amara and Shakir-0288Amara and Shakir-0295Amara and Shakir-0296Amara and Shakir-0306Amara and Shakir-0318Amara and Shakir-0321